About Us

Who We Are

VEGA is a Troy, Michigan based manufacturer serving the Machine Tool, Factory Automation, Nuclear, Robotic, Automotive, Aerospace and Motion Control industries. VEGA produces both hardware and software products for these industries.

VEGA was originally founded in 1966 and was re-formed in 1987 as ISS/VEGA. We are in business to solve motion control problems with high quality hardware and software products that are easy to install and intuitive to use. It is our proven track record of creating sustainable technology that has kept our customers coming back and kept us ahead of the competition.

What We Do

We Provide Hardware Solutions
VEGA provides economical and Off-The-Shelf converters for interfacing to Synchro/Resolvers, Inductosyn scales and Variable Reluctance Devices (Field Directors) for position/motion control and commutation purposes. The output of the converters are available in several formats including: Encoder (A-Quad-B), SSI, and Hall Effect.

We Provide Software Solutions
VEGA provides software solutions to enhance CNC accuracy, performance and throughput. We make your machine tools run faster, more accurately, and break down less.

We Provide Custom Solutions
VEGA welcomes special request for custom solutions and offer fast development of custom products from concept through prototyping and production.

We Provide Solutions That Make Sense
VEGA is a manufacture of quality products that simplify integration, reduce engineering, and are easy to install. We deliver products that save you Time and Money … and that Makes Sense!

How we do it

VEGA is a tightly knit group of highly skilled, experienced, forward thinking individuals with a tenacity for success thru design innovation. Our goal and design philosophy is to deliver the simplest design solution allowable for EASY Installation and combine it with a User Interface that is Intuitive to Use.

Our commitment to our customers is to provide innovative solutions, of the highest quality, using the latest technology, in the simplest manner possible, thru an in-depth understanding of the applications we address.

It’s these guidelines that allow VEGA to provide our customers with cost effective solutions globally.