VEGA-Post NC Post Processor

Low Cost 3-5 Axis NC Post Processor

    • Are your CAD/CAM programmers spending all their time configuring posts?
    • Are your machine operators editing program after program?
    • Are you spending more time editing programs than cutting parts?

Then Read ON!

The VEGA-Post NC Post Processor is a universal post processor AND IT COMES PRE CONFIGURED. This means that your programmers will be programming and your operators will be cutting parts.

The VEGA-Post allows for multiple input and multiple output formats, so now you can have one post processor that will run with all of your CAD/CAM output.

VEGA-Post is full of features that allow you to create the part programs that you need, and that will run on your machines with a click of your mouse. With VEGA-Post, you can select various input as well as output formats. It is easy to use, so your learning curve is greatly reduced 

With VEGA-Post multiple programs can be posted at the same time. Prompts are included for english/metric, missing cycle information, tool lengths.

For Fidia 5 axis cycles, prompts are included for the virtual axis information. 

CAD/CAM Input:

  • Apt / Apt like
  • ACL
  • BCL
  • Cadam
  • Camax
  • Catia
  • CimLinc
  • Ford Standard
  • Gerber
  • Mastercam
  • RS-274 (Fanuc Type)
  • Surfcam
  • Tarus
  • Unigraphics
  • And Many More
  • CMM - 5 axes space conversion from machine to part space
  • Custom Input/Output Types are also available

Standard Output Types:

  • ACL
  • Allen Bradley
  • BCL
  • Bosch
  • Cincinnati Milicron
  • CMM - 5 axes reverse space conversion from machine to part space
  • Fadal!
  • Fanuc
  • Fidia 3/5 Axes
  • Ford Standard
  • Okuma
  • RS-274
  • Tarus
  • Vega
  • Vickers
  • And Many More!

Standard Output Features:

  • English/Metric Unit
  • 3/4 Decimal Points
  • Ignore/Insert/Override Feedrates
  • Ignore/Insert/Override Spindle Speeds
  • Swap Axes
  • Mirror Axes
  • Scale Axes
  • *Run Backwards
  • *Insert Cycle Commands
  • *Prompt for Tool Numbers and Lengths
  • *Prompt for Input Units

Standard 5 Axis Features:

  • Head Unwind/Rewind
  • Point to Point Cycles
  • G Code Cycles
  • Tool Length Compensation/Transformation

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