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Experienced Hardware Manufacturing Company in Troy, MI

VEGA is a hardware manufacturing company in Troy, MI, serving the machine tool, factory automation, nuclear, robotic, automotive, aerospace, and movement control industries. We produce both hardware and software products for these industries.

Who We Are

VEGA was initially founded in 1966 and was re-formed in 1987 as ISS/VEGA. We are in the business of solving motion control problems with high-quality hardware and software products that are easy to install and intuitive to use. It is our proven track record of creating sustainable technology that has kept our customers coming back and kept us ahead of the competition. Read More >

Leading an Entire Industry

VEGA is a tightly knit group of highly skilled, experienced, forward-thinking individuals with a tenacity for success through design innovation. Our goal and design philosophy is to deliver the simplest design solution allowable for easy installation and combine it with a user interface that is intuitive to use.

Our commitment to our customers is to provide innovative solutions of the highest quality using the latest technology in the simplest manner possible through an in-depth understanding of the applications we address.

VEGA monitoring software

Serving Numerous Industries

At Vega CNC, we support a number of other manufacturing and technology industries. From developing the latest aerospace software to producing an automated process for the automotive industry, our team is here to help your company innovate.

We design our software solutions with the end-user experience in mind and develop interfaces and functionality that is intuitive and easy to learn. This way you know that you have reliable software solutions to control your production hardware.

For our hardware manufacturing, we focus on using top-quality components and processes to ensure that our products are ready to meet the rigors of your company’s needs. By using our automotive, robotic or nuclear hardware, you know that you are getting a solution that is robust and reliable.

Automation Control

With modern manufacturing techniques and automation, you need sensors that are accurate and precise. Without reliable position control, the moving parts of your manufacturing hardware could crash into each other causing breakdowns and product loss. This is why using reliable hardware encoders is so important and is the reason that we hold our standards of quality so high. This way when you choose our automotive hardware or software you know you are getting a tested and reliable solution.

Contact us to learn more about our manufacturing hardware and software solutions. We proudly serve Troy, MI, and the surrounding areas.