The Streamlined Approach to Factory Automation Hardware in Troy, MI

Get the most out of your facilities and choose VEGA for your equipment and automation needs. We are your source for factory automation hardware in Troy, MI. We provide comprehensive solutions to your everyday challenges thanks to our use of advanced technology and a forward-thinking approach to our processes. Save time and money while improving your productivity. Our extensive catalog of software and hardware empower you to do more.


VEGA is a full-service manufacturer serving the Machine Tooling, Factory Automation, Nuclear, Robotic, Automotive, Aerospace, and Motion Control industries. We produce both hardware and software products for these industries. We are geared towards continuous improvement. As such, we are committed to designing and creating products that will allow you to do more, all while saving energy.


Solutions that Make Sense
When you improve your processes, you set the foundation for growth and innovation throughout your business. To that end, our company is always hard at work creating motion control industry software and hardware that is easy to install and simple to use, while having the power to help you do more for less.

Our team focuses on innovation with the end user experience in mind. Therefore, we specially tailor our software to ensure ease of use. As a result, our motion control solutions ensure your tools run faster and more accurately while minimizing the risk of error and malfunctions. Better performance and reliability means less downtime and an increase in your bottom line.

In that same vein, we also design and produce advanced motion control industry hardware. We design our hardware to integrate seamlessly with your system, allowing quick and simple upgrades. Engineered to the exacting demands of motion control technology, our hardware is available in the most-used formats, including Encoder (A-Quad-B), SSI, and Hall Effect.


Meeting Your Specific Needs
Your business is unique. Therefore, you deserve to come up with manufacturing and machining solutions that best meet the needs of your organization. Our company is here to help. We facilitate completely customizable hardware and software solutions. We get to know your organization and the challenges you face. Then, we design a hardware and software suite that your team can use as quickly as possible. Reduce downtime and get back to doing what you do best: we’ll make the change according to your schedule.


Who We Are
VEGA was originally founded in 1966 and was re-formed in 1987 as ISS/VEGA [link to About Us]. We are in business to solve motion control problems with high-quality hardware and software products that are easy to install and intuitive to use. It is our proven track record of creating sustainable technology that has kept our customers coming back, and which has kept us ahead of the competition.


Leading an Entire Industry
We are a tightly knit group of highly skilled, experienced, forward-thinking individuals. We are all geared towards success through design innovation. Our goal and design philosophy is to deliver the simplest design solutions allowable for easy installation and combine it with a user interface that is intuitive to use.

Our commitment to our customers is to provide innovative solutions of the highest quality using the latest technology in the simplest manner possible: through an in-depth understanding of the applications we address.


Contact us to request more information about our hardware and software solutions. We are based in Troy, MI.